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enduro session: Bike trip "Around Millau"

That trip really focused on the pure downhill, we will be accompanied all day long by the shuttle to reach each downhills, with the aim to ride 5 to 6 descents per day during 3 days, approximately 6500 to 8000 feets of downhill every day and of course only by single tracks.
The raid takes place near Millau (20km around the town) with a first day in the village "la Roque Sainte Marguerite" between the "Causse Noir" and the "Causse du Larzac", the second day in Millau then the last one we'll reach the village of "le Rozier/Peyreleau" to finish the trip.
You'll be staying in Millau, so don't hesitate to come with your family, there is a lot of different activities for everybody here.

Tour price (3 days / 2 nights): 450 €

In that price is included
- The service provided by the monitor
- The 2 overnight stays in the lodge
- The meals (breakfast, lunch and supper)
- The shuttle to reach each downhills

What do you need for that trip :
- an Enduro bike in good working order (140/160mm of travel)
- Usual protective elements (helmet, kneepad etc...)
- Exhaustive list of everything you will need

That raid lasts 3 days according to the following programme:

Day 1 : La Roque Sainte Marguerite
Morning on the "Causse Noir"
- Descent of "Saint André de Vézines"
- Descent of "Roquesaltes" by the ravine of "Riousec"
- Descent of "Roquesaltes" by the medieval village of "Montméjean"
- Lunch at the village of "la Roque Sainte Marguerite"
Afternoon on the "Larzac"
- Descente du Moulin de Corp
- Descente de Malaraide

Day 2 : Millau
Morning on the "Larzac"
- Descent of the "cirque of Boundoulaou"
- Descent of the small DH of "Brunas"
- Descent of the "Combe haute/Combe basse"
- Lunch in Millau
Afternoon on the "Causse Noir"
- Ravine of "Massebiau"
- Ravine of "Plouc"
- Ravine of "Carbassas"

Day 3 : Peyreleau / Le Rozier
- Ravine of the "Vors"
- Lunch at the village of "Peyreleau"
- Ravine of "Malbouche"
- Ravine of "Côte saint Jean"
- Descent of the "côte 815"

To book a trip, download and print the registration form, fill it out and send it us back :
-Either by Email :
-Or by postmail : Pilémon d'Andurain, avenue Gambetta 12100 Millau (FR)


By Email
By phone :+33 6 82 22 87 04


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