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enduro session: Bike trip "Aigoual to Millau"

That trip is far and away the most varied from all both for landscapes that we'll see and trails that we'll ride. It starts at the top of the mount Aigoual that dominates the "Cévennes" nature reserve from his 5130 feets tall, we'll make it down by his west-south-west side, using the winter ski slopes to the village "l'Espérou" then follow the trail GR 66/71 to the "Pises" lake then reach the village of "Dourbies" for a sleepover.
The second day will take place between "Dourbies" and "Trèves", where the playground and the landscapes are simply amazing, that days will finish with a well known 3000 feets downhill from the ridges of "Suquet" to "Trèves".
After that second night in "Trèves", we'll reach the top of the "causse Noir" and find the "Dourbie" Gorges again passing by the "Rajals" ravines. From "Saint Véran", the "Dourbies" valley is a true natural half-pipe. Let's just say it means that you could spend an entire week to uphill/downhill from a side to the other using different trail each time, we'll ride a few of them to finally reach Millau and ends that trip.

Tour price (3 days / 2 nights): 420 €

In that price is included
- The service provided by the monitor
- The 2 overnight stays in the lodge
- The meals (breakfast, lunch and supper)
- The shuttle each morning to reach the first downhill

What do you need for that trip :
- an Enduro bike in good working order (140/160mm of travel)
- Usual protective elements (helmet, kneepad etc...)
- To be in good shape !!! (This is indeed an enduro raid and not a shuttle/downhill trip)
- Exhaustive list of everything you will need

That raid lasts 3 days according to the following programme:
To book a trip, download and print the registration form, fill it out and send it us back :
-Either by Email :
-Or by postmail : Pilémon d'Andurain, avenue Gambetta 12100 Millau (FR)


By Email
By phone :+33 6 82 22 87 04


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